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Digital Scholarship Tools: Getting Started on Your Project

Tools and resources to get you started on your digital scholarship projects


Digital Scholarship involves looking at scholarly activities in new ways and using new tools to expand the possibilities in teaching and research.  While use of digital tools doesn't make a digital scholar, critical thinking combined with digital tools can be used to expand possibilities for scholarly work including, but not limited to, new forms of collaboration and publication, new methods for visualizing and analyzing data, and much more.

When getting started it is important to consider the following topics.  It is also useful to note that digital projects are not necessarily open projects. What do we mean by this?  An example would be library databases which are certainly digital but must be paid for and accessed using university or other credentials. Open projects are freely available to use, copy, and remix depending on the type of Creative Commons license that the author(s) have applied to their work. These works can include textbooks and other teaching resources as well as scholarly projects that are hosted on a university website. 

This guide is a starting point for planning your next digital scholarship project.