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Digital Scholarship Tools: Data

Tools and resources to get you started on your digital scholarship projects

Your Data

A robust data management system is key in projects where multiple researchers are sharing data, and even in independent projects for keeping track of data collected and used. Good data management can prevent data loss or errors in analyses, maintain efficiency, and improve discoverability of findings.  

  • Where is your data stored?
  • How many copies of your data or materials do you have?
    • Backups are crucial - including not storing all backups in the same location
  • Do you have both primary (original, unedited files) and working copies backed up?
  • Does your data include any personally identifiable information? How will you ensure the privacy of your research participants? Do you need an IRB review?
  • Are there any requirements related to grants in depositing materials?
  • Consider how to name your files to simplify the organization of your files and locate your files with ease, as well as making it easier for others to understand and reuse your data. 

File Naming Example

Filenaming example of project name - modifier - version number - indicate final when ready - file extension

Image from "Graphic Design Playbook", accessed 2022-5-12.