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Research Guides

Text and Data Mining: Timeline

Tools and resources to get you started on your digital scholarship projects

Your Timeline

  • What is my timeline?   
    • How long do you plan to be actively working on this project?
    • How long would you like for your project to be available after you are no longer actively working on it (funding, staffing, and technology permitting)?
    • Do you plan to publish this project? What format? 
    • How much time are you willing to invest in learning a new tool or platform?
    • If you are creating a project in conjunction with teaching, as part of a course, or having students work on it, how does student-created content for your project map with UW retention cycles?
    • Can you break this project into smaller chunks and build pieces of it over time? Start with a small section of a bigger project to determine feasibility. 
    • Does your timeline need to align with funding or grant requirements?