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reads: UWB / CC Campus Library Social Justice Team

A link to the previous Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice Team page can be found here.

What We Do

The charge of the Library’s Social Justice Team is to assist and advise the Library in promoting the inclusion of intersectional social justice theories and practice in our daily work, culture, and organizational values, through the design and implementation of a Library staff development program. Our work may include, but is not limited to, all staff workshops, unit discussions, brownbags, and the sharing of selected readings or events. These activities may be conducted by Team, Library, or external facilitators.  Anti-racism will be the primary focus of the work through at least June 2021. 

The content in this guide is evolving and dynamic!

About Us

The Social Justice Team was reformed in Winter 2018, with a focus on internal staff development.  Team members include:

  • Dani Rowland
  • Laura Dimmit Smyth
  • Kate Roche-Sudar