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DynaMedex Help Guide

Information about how to navigate and use DynaMedex, which includes Micromedex content on the DynaMed platform.

DynaMedex (DynaMed + Micromedex)

What is DynaMedex?

DynaMedex "combines the clinical expertise and extensive, curated disease content of DynaMed with the comprehensive view into treatment options, depth and breadth of drug information and advanced search capabilities of Micromedex" (source).

In short, it is a point-of-care tool to support decision-making and patient education.

Micromedex is Incorporated into DynaMedex

DynaMedex combines all the point-of-care decision-making information of DynaMed with the drug information of Micromedex! 

To find information from Micromedex, you may: 

  1. Go to DynaMedex Lock icon
  2. Search for a drug in DynaMedex.
  3. Review content powered by Micromedex.

To search Micromedex directly, you may:

  1. Go to DynaMedex Lock icon
  2. Click on Micromedex in the upper right.
  3. Search Micromedex directly in the new tab that opens in your browser.

Search DynaMedex