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Animal Welfare & Laboratory Animal Alternatives (IACUC Searches): Set Up an Ongoing Search

Conducting literature searches required by the Animal Welfare Act and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Identifying ways to reduce pain or distress in laboratory animals. Support for UW IACUC protocols

Automated PubMed Alerts

When you have created a search on your topic, you can set up an automated search.

You will receive email messages when references on your topic are added to the database.

This will let you keep up with the literature more easily and will give you time to consider alternatives to current practices.

Setting Up an Alert: PubMed Example

1. Sign into your MyNCBI account.

2. Run your search, including any filters.

3. Click "Create alert."

4. On the next screen, your search strategy will appear in the "name of saved search" box.

5. Edit the search name to something short, yet meaningful, e.g., PET models for angiogenesis.

6. Schedule the frequency of the updates and whether you want to receive abstracts.  Increase the "number of items" so that you won't miss new references.

7. Click "Save."

Setting Up an Alert: Other Databases

In Embase and Web of Science, you can set up an email alert easily from the Search Results page.



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