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Research Guides

Gaihozu: Other Institutions Holding Gaihozu

Resources for researching and using Gaihozu ("maps of outer land").

Gaihozu in American Institutions

Library of Congress

California Academy of Sciences

Carleton College

Claremont College

Clark University

Cleveland Public Library

Harvard University

Louisiana State University

National Geographical Society (Collection Now Held at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Libraries)

New York Public Library

Northwestern University

Oberlin College

Oklahoma State Library

Oregon State University

Princeton University

San Diego Public Library

Southern Methodist University

Stanford University Libraries

University of Arkansas

University of California, Berkeley

University of Chicago

University of Colorado

University of Connecticut

University of Georgia

University of Hawaii, Manoa

University of Illinois

University of Iowa

University of Michigan

University of New Mexico

University of Oklahoma

University of Pittsburgh

University of Tennessee

University of Texas, Austin

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Washington State University

Yale University