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Linguistics: Citations & Writing

Reference sources for language and linguistics

When writing a literature review, you will work extensively with citations. Citations acknowledge material in a work that came from another source, providing identifying information so readers can find and consult the source themselves. In scholarly works, citations are typically compiled into a bibliography format.

  • Citation management tools take a lot of the work out of tracking and organizing all the sources you find, and formatting your citations and bibliographies.
  • Writing and publishing help is available from the Libraries and other campus services

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools—sometimes called citation managers, reference management tools, or reference managers—enable you to store, organize, annotate, and share your references for research. They can also be used with a word processor to automatically insert in-text citations and format bibliographies according to your desired style, such as APA, Chicago, MLA, and many more. 

Writing and Citing in Linguistics

Libraries Guides on Writing and Citing

Guides from the UW Libraries for help with citations, writings, and other aspects of research. See Tools for Research for digital tools to enhance your research itself and the end product.

Writing and Publishing Help at UW

Libraries Guides on Scholarly Publishing

Planning to take your writing to the next step with publishing? See these guides for help through the process.