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Linguistics: Books & Ebooks

Reference sources for language and linguistics

Finding books in linguistics

To find language and linguistics books, use UW Libraries Search. This will search all books in the UW Libraries as well as books in our partner institutions in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Note on articles: While some articles appear in UW Libraries Search, this is only a small selection of articles available to UW users. Many linguistics articles cannot be found using UW Libraries search; see the Articles page of this guide to find articles in linguistics databases such as Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts.

UW Libraries Search

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Tips for Finding Linguistics Books in UW Libraries Search

Find works by a linguist: In advanced search, select "as author/creator" in the drop-down menu and enter the linguist's name in the blank.

Find works about a linguist: In advanced search, select "in subject" in the drop-down menu and enter the linguist's name in the blank. For best results, also select "is (exact)" and key the name last name first (for example: Chomsky Noam).

Find works about a language: Use alternate names or spellings for the language; also consider the prominence of particular dialects (e.g. Brazilian Portuguese; Mandarin; Lushootseed vs. Coast Salish; etc.). Languages less prominent in the literature may not have stand-alone works, but be treated in works about a particular language family or geographical region.

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Virtual Browsing

Browse the UW Libraries' Language and Linguistics collections by Library of Congress (LC) call number.

P: Philology & Linguistics (Allen Library, 3rd Floor)

  • P1-23: Periodicals, yearbooks, societies congresses
  • P25-27: Collected works
  • P35: Anthropological linguistics; language and culture
  • P37: Psycholinguistics
  • P40: Sociolinguistics
  • P40.8: Language and education
  • P51-59: Language teaching/instruction
  • P83-85: Biography of linguists/philologists
  • P98: Computational linguistics; natural language processing
  • P99: Semiotics; signs and symbols
  • P101-112: Philosophy and origin of language
  • P115: Bilingualism & multilingualism
  • P118: Language acquisition
  • P119.3: Political aspects of language (language policy, linguistic minorities, etc.)
  • P121-125: Linguistics (general works)
  • P126-128: Linguistics methodology, linguistic analysis, etc.
  • P129-138: Applied Linguistics, areal linguistics, languages in contact
  • P140-143: Historical linguistics
  • P158-158.42: Generative grammar
  • P201: Comparative grammar​ (general works)
  • P211: Written communication; history of writing
  • P215-219: Phonology
  • P221-240: Phonetics
  • P240.5-240.85: Grammatical categories
  • P270-288: Parts of speech
  • P291-298: Syntax
  • P301: Style, composition, rhetoric & usage
  • P302: Discourse analysis
  • P306-310: Translating and interpreting
  • P325: Semantics
  • P375-381: Linguistic geography
  • P501-769: Indo-European philology​