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BISLEP 301: Law, Economics, and Public Policy (Walsh): Primary Sources

Class research guide for BISLEP 301 at UW Bothell in Winter 2023.

Data Sources

Additional Primary Source locations

Locating Primary Sources Tips

Using relevant keywords in Google plus inurl:gov can bring you sources that are on .gov websites, potentially useful as primary sources. 

Consider searching social media platforms (often Twitter) that may provide information about your chosen crisis, both from survivors, responders, and observers. YouTube is another option. 

Use relevant keywords in UW Libraries Search and limit your results to "Government Documents" on the left side of the screen.

Explore more potential primary sources with the UW Bothell Campus Library Data Research Guide, the UW Seattle Political Science and Public Policy Research Guide, and the UW Seattle Government Publications Research Guide

Statistical Resources

Legal & Government Primary Sources

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