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Creative Writing and Poetry: Book Arts & Artists' Books in the Campus Library

A research guide for creative writing and poetry publications and texts for students at UW Bothell and Cascadia College.

A note on terminology

This page describes a collection of book arts resources, which include specific items that can be classified as artists' books. The book arts collection includes not only artists' books, but resources about book-making, chapbooks, the history of artists' books, and some other do-it-yourself (DIY) creative topics.

Book Arts & Artists' Books in the Campus Library

The Campus Library collection of artists' books are located on the 3rd floor, just across the skybridge in LB2 next to the Folios. Our chapbooks are also located here. Most items are available for in-library use only.

If you are a UWB/T or Cascadia faculty member and would like to inquire about borrowing a selection of artists' books for use in your classroom, please contact Fine Arts Librarian Laura Dimmit Smyth at least 7 business days in advance of the date you need them for class.

About Artists' Books

What is an artists' book?

"An artist’s book is a medium of artistic expression that uses the form or function of “book” as inspiration. It is the artistic initiative seen in the illustration, choice of materials, creation process, layout and design that makes it an art object." - Anne Evenhaugen, Smithsonian Unbound Blog. Read more here

Where can I learn more about artists' books?

  • The Smithsonian Libraries webpage about artists' books is located here and includes an introduction to artists' books and information on its own artists' books collection.
  • Book Arts Web - Online book arts community with links to online exhibitions and many related websites. 
  • Off Book: Book Art - from the PBS webseries - watch online
  • See "Recommended Readings" on the Additional Artists' Books Resources page. 

Examples from the collection

Search UW Libraries for Book Making & Books Arts Resources

Search the UW Libraries catalog for "how to" books on book making techniques using the following keywords:

  • artists' books
  • book design
  • bookbinding
  • binding techniques
  • printing techniques
  • papermaking
  • letterpress printing
  • decorative design
  • paper crafts

More UW Book Arts Resources

To learn more about all of the artists' books available through the UW Libraries, visit the UW Libraries Rare Books & Rare Books Collections guide.