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Education: Curriculum Materials

A general education resource guide for students at University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College

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Curriculum Materials at the Campus Library

Where can they be found?

Most curriculum materials, e.g. lesson plans, instructional design books, activity and assignment guides, etc., are located on the third floor of the library, north side (to the left at the top of the stairs). Some will also be found in the third floor stacks, in the Campus Library's general collection of materials. 

How to search for them in the library's collection:

When searching for curriculum materials in UW Libraries Search (the purple search box above), a good way to get started is to use the phrase study and teaching or individual term curriculum and then additional terms that represent the subject/topic area of interest.

Sample searches:

  • study and teaching and language arts
  • curriculum and language arts

The location will likely be displayed as UW Bothell/CCC Library Curriculum but may also be UW Bothell/CCC Library 3rd Floor Stacks or elsewhere:

Screenshot of catalog record for book that calls out shelf location and call number to find the book


Please contact a library staff member by phone, online chat or in person using information on our Ask Us A Question page if you need assistance.

Finding Subject Specific Curriculum Materials

Stacks on the third floor of the Campus Library

Here is a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings you might use to find appropriate resources. Also check the Subject Headings in the catalog record.

Subject Area Terms:

   Language Arts
   Physical Education and Training
   Social Sciences (use for Social Studies)

Non-Subject Area Terms:

   Child Abuse
   Conflict Management
   Multicultural Education

Chat with a UW Librarian

Open Educational Resources (OER) Curriculum

Finding Curriculum Materials in ERIC

Visit the Articles tab to access the ERIC database.

Note! As of August 2012 many ERIC documents published prior to 2005 have been taken off-line for the removal of sensitive personally identifiable information. You may request these items via interlibrary loan.