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English Foundations & International Student Guide: Citation Help

Resources for English Language Learners & International Students at UW Bothell & Cascadia College.

About Citing & Citations

Students in the United States are expected to properly cite the sources used in their academic work in order to:

  • Give authors credit for their original ideas and research;
  • Enable readers to track ideas and research back to its original source.  

The links and tutorials below provide useful information about understanding citations, how to cite using different citation styles, and using available tools to generate citations automatically.

Citation Generators

Many databases, including Academic Search Complete and Google Scholar, will automatically generate citations from your search results.

You can also use one of the citation generators available on the web, a selection of which are linked to below. Make sure to check the citations generated by websites or databases for accuracy before turning in your paper!

Citing & Academic Integrity

Understanding Citations

This tutorial from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Polk Library explains the different parts of a citation:

Chat with a UW Librarian

Other Citation Resources