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HIST&147: United States History II - Spiegler: 19th Century

Getting started - general background sources

All of the sources below can be used to help you explore a topic and get general background information.  Many articles will have extensive bibliographies; you can use these to find additional sources.

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Article databases for history

Each of these databases has scholarly sources (that is, peer reviewed articles) you can use in your research. Please be aware that not everything in each database is scholarly, however. If you need help identifying scholarly articles, ask a librarian!

Research & Instruction Librarian

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Dani Rowland
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How can I get the full text of an article?

What should you do if you find an interesting article in a database but no link to the full text?

Click on the purple "Check for full text" button – this button will attempt to connect you to the full text article if it is owned by the UW.