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Welcome to the Class Guide for your Sociology 150 class. These pages provide access to resources - books, articles and more, that you'll need for your class.

Cascadia New Student Checklist

You'll need your UW NetID and password to access library databases and resources from off-campus, including those required to complete the Campus Library Activities for COLL 101.  

When the Campus Library is open, you'll also need a library account to check out materials in person and reserve study rooms, plus more.

Here is some information to get you started. For best results, follow these steps in order. If you need help, review the Library's Technology Resources Log-ins page or contact us if you have any questions.

Note: Chrome and Firefox browsers work best for setting up accounts and accessing resources. If you have difficulties with one browser, try another browser. If you try both Chrome and Firefox, but still have problems, contact the Cascadia HelpDesk.

1.    Set up your Cascadia Network Account

  • Your Network Account will provide access to your Cascadia network file space and will allow you to create a UW NetID

ATTENTION: New Cascadia students must use Cascadia's remote virtual desktop service to create or manage a UW NetID with their Cascadia Network Account.  To access the remote virtual desktop service (also known as "Views") go to <> and scroll down to the section titled "Remote Desktop (View) Access".

2.    Set up your UW NetID

  • Click on the link above, then click again on "Creating your UW NetID". Near the bottom you will see the section on setting up your UW NetID. 
  • Choose your UW NetID wisely. It is your unique ID and will stay with you throughout your time as a student, after you graduate, and will stay the same ID if you decide to work for the UW in the future. We recommend choosing an UW NetID that is easy to remember and also something that you won't mind your fellow students, instructors, campus staff, and possible future professional connections seeing. Many people choose a combination of letters from their first and last names (UW NetIDs are limited to 8 characters). If you need to include a number-choose a number that you will remember. 
  • If you already have a UW NetID but can't remember it, you can look it up by going to the Get your UW NetID page and selecting "I don't have a UW NetID (or I'm not sure)."
  • Note: you will need to wait about 24 hours after registering for classes before you will be able to create a NetID, and it usually takes 24 hours for your NetID to become active
  • Staff at the Library are happy to help with this. Ask Us!

-----At this point, you are ready to get started on the COLL 101 Library Activities-----

When the Campus Library and Cascadia College are open to the public, you will want to activate your Library Card so that you can access many other library services. 

1.  Get your CC Student ID card. It is your Student ID, and also your Library card!

  • You can get your Student ID in Kodiak Corner or the Open Learning Center (CC2-060)

2.    Activate your Library Card

  • Bring your CC Student ID card to the front desk on the first floor of the Campus Library
  • You now have access to all Campus Library services!

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