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Music Guide: Find UW Music Special Collections

Special Collections Hours

Music Library special collections (manuscripts, audio collections) are available:

During the quarter: M - F, 10am to 5 pm

Intersession: M - F, 1-5 pm

To ensure availability, please contact us prior to your planned visit.

UW Music Special Collections

 Rare Music Scores

Music manuscripts and rare printed music scores

 Music Library Digital Scores Collection

Digitized subset of our music manuscripts and rare printed music score collection

 William Crawford III Collection of Printed Music

Collection of first editions of vocal works (primarily operas in piano reduction) received as a bequest from the Crawford estate in 2014

  Milton Katims Tapes & Scores

Tape performances conducted by Milton Katims and marked conductor scores

 School of Music Faculty Papers

Papers, compositions, and recordings of present and former faculty members

  Soni Ventorum Parts & Recordings

Marked performance parts and performance recordings

​ Vilem Sokol Scores

Marked conductor scores

 Ashford Sheet Music Collection

The Paul Ashford Sheet Music Collection largely contains music from and about Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

 Baltic Choral Music Collection

The UW Libraries is developing a collection of Baltic choral music scores, sheet music, recordings, and related materials. This quick guide allows you to search the entire collection (some 900 items in 2012) by country (Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania), composer's name, genre (choral, vocal, or instrumental) and medium (score, recording, book)

 Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection

A subset of the Ashford Sheet Music Collection focusing specifically on Washington and Pacific Northwest Sheet Music.

 Hazel G. Kinscella Collection

Early American Hymnals and tune books

 Melvin Harris Collection

Early recordings of wind instrument performances

  Milton Katims Tapes & Scores

Tape performances conducted by Milton Katims and marked conductor scores

 Music of Northwest Composers

Recordings of music of select Northwest Composers performed by Joel Salsman

​ Offenbacher Mozart Collection

Early recordings of vocal music of Mozart on 78 and LP

  School of Music Recordings & Programs

School of Music ensemble recordings and program from 1928-present

  Soni Ventorum Parts & Recordings

Marked performance parts and performance recordings

 Music of Gloria Swisher

Recordings of Swisher's music performed by Joel Salsman

Bow Down to Washington

Learn the words to our school fight song! This page covers the history of Bow Down to Washington and includes lyrics and recordings.

Learn more! Explore our fight song through this digital exhibit.

Rules for Using Special Collections

- All users must present either a valid UW ID or a picture ID card (for example, a valid driver’s license).

- Do not leave these items unattended at any time.  If you must leave the table, give the item(s) to library staff first.

- Never place anything on top of special collections materials, or press the bindings open.

- Only pencils are allowed for taking notes.

- Tracing of watermarks is not allowed.

- Photocopying of special collections materials is not allowed without permission of a librarian.

- All users will be provided with gloves for handling rare and special collections materials.