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UW Baltic Music Collection

The University of Washington Baltic Choral Music Library, established in 2005, is a collection of over 1,000 scores and books from the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This library was established in hopes of creating greater access for American choral musicians to the wealth of these musical traditions as well as be an archive resource for the Baltic Diaspora and a repository of Baltic choral history in the United States.

The University of Washington Baltic Choral Library has a long-standing and collaborative relationship with all three Baltic National Libraries. Books, recordings, and materials are sent from each institution to the University of Washington and in return, the UW Libraries send many items and resources to them. This arrangement has helped the Baltic Library collection continue to grow while helping the National Libraries of the Baltic States rebuild their collections in a time of limited money and resources.

Searching in the UW Library Catalog

  • Retrieve this material in UW Libraries Search by entering the keywords "Baltic music collection"
  • Use the filters in the left-hand column (under "Refine My Results") to retrieve materials in one of the three languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian), in a particular genre, by a particular composer, or in one or more of several other categories. 



  • Rene Eespere
  • Gustav Ernesaks
  • Cyrillus Kreek
  • Ester Mägi
  • Arvo Pärt
  • Mart Saar
  • Peep Sarapik
  • Urmas Sisasks
  • Rudolf Tobias
  • Veljo Tormis
  • Pärt Uusberg



  • Laulupiidu (song festival)
  • laul (song)
  • koori (choir)
  • mees (men)
  • naine (women)
  • segakoori (mixed choir)
  • lapsedkoori (children’s choir)



  • Dace Aperane
  • Pēteris Barisons
  • Rihards Dubra
  • Maija Einfelde
  • Ēriks Ešenvalds
  • Andrejs Jurjāns
  • Selga Mence
  • Georgs Pelēcis
  • Pēteris Plakidis
  • Ugis Prauliņš
  • Imants Ramiņš (Raminsch)
  • Pēteris Vasks
  • Laura Jēkabsone



  • Dziesmu svētki (song festival)
  • dziesma (song)
  • koris (choir) 
  • vīru (men)
  • sieviešu (women)
  • jauktais koris (mixed choir)
  • bernū koris (children’s choir)



  • Vaclovas Augustinas
  • Antanas Budriūnas
  • Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
  • Jeronimas Kačinkas
  • Vytautas Miškinis 
  • Juozas Naujalis
  • Stasys Šimkus
  • Nijolės Sinkevičiūtes
  • Jonas Tamulionis
  • Kristina Vasiliauskaite



  • Dainų šventė (song festival)
  • daina (song)
  • choras (choir)
  • vyrų (men)
  • moterys (women)
  • mišrus choras (mixed choir)
  • vaikų choras (children’s choir)


Thank you, Dr. Heather MacLaughlin Garbes for helping compile this information for the Baltic Music Research Guide