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Southeast Asian Studies: Find Articles

A guide to resources and research on Southeast Asia

Finding Article Citations and Full Text Information

The Southeast Asia Collection includes hundreds of journal titles published in Southeast Asia, but relatively few of these are available online or even indexed.  Many of these journals are in the languages of the region. Scholarly journals across disciplines do include extensive international coverage, and these articles can be found using the standard databases of citations and full text articles. Use the Discipline-specific indexes and databases listed on this page to find citations (and sometimes full text) to articles and other materials in English and other European languages.  Or go to for a full list of online databases available.

The most useful general indexes for Southeast Asian Studies are listed under Starting Points.  Indexes covering journals published in Southeast Asia are listed in the Southeast Asian Journal Indexes box below.

Starting Points for Southeast Asian Studies

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a useful general staring point for research, but the quality of journals indexed is not as reliable as the licensed databases below.  Make sure what you have found is a reputable source. For further information on evaluating sources, see  Research Tips for Literature Review in SE Asian Studies. Below lists a few databases that are great Starting Points for your research as well.

Discipline-specific Databases of Interest

Southeast Asia Journal Indexes