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Landscape Architecture: Finding Photos / Drawings / Maps

Subject Guide for Landscape Architecture Students.

Finding Site Plans and Drawings

Finding UW Plans / Drawings

Drawing / Sketching Landscape

Check these sections of the Built Environments Library Stacks:

  • SB472

Environmental Photographs


Image Copyright and Ethical Use

copyright logo Digital images need to be used with an awareness of copyright and ethics. Most databases and web sites provide information about how their images can be used. It is important to comply with all usage guidelines, which can vary considerably.
The UW Libraries outlines some general do's and don'ts for electronic resources. Please see Responsible Use of Electronic Resources. The UW Copyright Connection provides information about many aspects of copyright, including Compilations, Music and Images and Images of Art and PeopleAppropriate Use of UW Resources is published by UW Information Technology and provides additional copyright information and guidelines for using electronic resources.