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Research Guides

Landscape Architecture: LArch 590 MLA Thesis Seminar

Subject Guide for Landscape Architecture Students.

Possible Topics

Possible Thesis Topics


There are some basic starting points for all research topics and these would include:


  • Urban Water Recycling and Stormwater Capture and Use
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure, including Seattle Public Utilities’ Efforts
  • Climate Change and Design for Resilience
    • Connected Disciplines
    • Seattle
      • Connected disciplines: civil engineering, atmospheric science, botany, animal biology
      • Websites: Seattle city government plans on resilience, new seawall, tunnel, health of Elliott Bay (Salish Sea); Puget Sound Regional Council; King County
    • Drought/Flood
      • Connected disciplines: civil engineering, atmospheric science, resilience studies (urban planning)
    • Seattle’s Harbor Island as Potential Remediation Site
      • Connected disciplines: local history, biochemistry, pollution studies, Gas Works as model, civil engineering
      • Local newspapers: Seattle Times, Seattle Star, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
      • DBs: America History and Life, Agricultural and Environmental Science DB;
      • Books: Matthew Klingle, Native Seattle;
      • Archival information: Seattle Municipal Archives, UW Special Collections, Seattle Public Library Ferguson Room
  • Urban Trees in the Context of Climate Change
    • Connected disciplines: botany, biochemistry, atmospheric science studies (climate change)
    • DBs: Treesearch (USDA); Agricola (USDA);
  • Place Identity/Connection in the Context of Sea-Level Rise
    • Connected disciplines: environmental psychology, botany,
    • Books: Christian Norberg-Schultz, Genius Loci;  Jennifer Demitor, Revealing the Essence of Place; Ian Simkins and Kevin Thwaites, Experiential Landscape: An Approach to People, Place, and Space; Kevin Lynch, Image of the City; Laurie Olin et al., Placemaking; Michael Van Valkenburg Associates, Reconstructing Urban Landscapes; Native Seattle
    • DBs: PsycInfo
  • Bicycle Path Networks for Bellevue
  • Effectively Communicating/Teaching about Ecological Design
  • Giving Voice to Immigrant Groups in Public Spaces
    • Connected disciplines: immigrant studies, law, political science, environmental justice
    • DBs: Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS); Search under ejournals kw: "immigration"
    • Books: Liza Nell, Jan Rath, Ethnic Amsterdam: Immigrants and Urban Change in the Twentieth Century; Rachel Buff, Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship;
  • Food Politics
    • Connected disciplines: Agriculture, agribusiness, political science, ethnic studies, American history
    • DBs: Google Scholar: J. Guthman, Geoforum, "Neoliberalism and the making of food politics in California;"  J. Clapp, Journal of Peasant Studies, "Financialization, Distance and Global Food Politics,"
    • Books: Enrique C. Ochoa, Political Histories of Food; Michael S. Carolan, Embodied Food Politics;  Marion Nestle, Food politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health;
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Local Landscape Construction Materials
    • Connected disciplines: materials science, economics, construction management
    • DBs: ASCE Database, Avery index to Architectural Periodicals,
    • Websties: Sites focused on green landscape topics
  • Integrating Landscape and Architecture
  • Values of Sustainable Landscape Design in Commercial Real Estate Development
    • Connected disciplines: real estate, economics, urban planning, housing, architecture
    • DBs: EconLit, Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
    • Ejournals: Urban Planning
    • Websites: green development, sustainable development; Urban Land Institute (ULI)
    • Talk with faculty in UW Dept of Real Estate
  • “Urban Nature” as Concept and Potential for Green Infrastructure
    • Connected disciplines:  urban ecology,
    • DBs: Agricultural and Environmental DB, Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals,
  • How to Effectively Get Citizen Feedback on Urban Design, and How This May Affect Design
    • Connected disciplines: political science, sociology, psychology, education
    • DBs: ERIC, Education Source, PsycInfo, Sociological Abstracts
  • How Urban Preschools May Connect Children with Nature, Learning from Forest Preschools

    • Connected disciplines: Education,

    • DBs: ERIC, Education Source

    • Journals: Journal of Science Teacher Education