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Landscape Architecture: Finding Books

Subject Guide for Landscape Architecture Students.

Search Tips for Finding Landscape Architecture Books

  • If you know what you want, go directly to the UW Libraries Catalog.
  • If you are new to a subjectuse WorldCat first to see all that is available. 
  • Tend to use the minimum number of words in your search. e.g., rather than "Richard Haag Japanese Garden Bloedel Reserve" use "Haag Bloedel Japanese" or just "Haag Bloedel"
  • Use the search interface's "advanced search" feature. The advanced search will provide you with many features to limit your search to precise parameters.
  • If you find a useful book, look at the record's subject headings listed for similar items.
  • If using World Cat, think about limiting the search to books or articles to strain out unwanted media.
  • Use World Cat's "cite/export" feature at the top of the record to automatically generate a citation.
  • For general searches, use place and proper names along with the word "landscape architecture" or the garden or building type for which you are looking.  e.g. , "gardens therapeutic," "landscape architecture Gustafson," "Roman nymphaeum"
  • Find out if the search interface you're using has a truncation symbol, often an " * " placed at the end of a word. Using the search "landscap*" will retrieve all items with the words "landscaping," "landscaper," "landscape," etc.
  • Ask Alan Michelson for help getting started.

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