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Chamber Dance Company Archive: Pat Graney

A unique collection of video documenting the UW Chamber Dance Dance Company's over 25 year history of performing modern dance classics.


Selection from Pat Graney's "Table"

Pat Graney

Pat Graney

American choreographer and company director

Pat Graney likes to challenge conventions.

                                    Mark Roberts, The Tech- online edition. 1989


Pat Graney is a Seattle-based contemporary choreographer who has been creating innovative dances since 1979. Graney has been internationally praised for her highly visual and provocative work, including several large-scale gymnastic performances pieces and a large-scale movement study for martial artists. Graney is commited to making dance accessible to all populations and has developed a program called Keeping the Faith – The Prison Project, which consists of performances, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops for women in prison. Table is one of Graney’s earlier works and is a crowning example of the gestural minimalism that was being explored in the choreography of the 1980’s.

Watch Pat Graney's Table at the Media Arcade in Vol. 20 of the Chamber Dance Company Archive (DVD UWDP 001 v.20).