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Literature: Children's Literature

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Finding Children's Literature

Where can it be found?

The Campus Library's Children's Literature collection is located on the north end of the library's third floor.

How to search for it in the library's collection:

When searching for children's literature (using the search box above), try using phrases like juvenile literature or juvenile fiction or children's literature in combination with other search terms.

For example, if you wanted to find a nonfiction children's book on jazz, your search phrase would be juvenile literature and jazz. If you were looking for a fiction book about immigration, your search would be juvenile fiction and immigration.You might want to narrow your search by adding other keywords (e.g., study and teaching; history and criticism; or reading promotion). 

For materials that available at the Campus Library, use the Library filter in the left sidebar and select UW Bothell/CC Library.


Please contact a library staff member by phone, online chat or in person using information on our Ask Us A Question page if you need assistance.


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Find Additional Resources

For additional resources for children's/young adult literature, highlight the green tab for Children's Literature with your mouse and then select the appropriate page Find Journal Articles/Journals or Find Book Reviews from the drop down menu.