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BNURS 525: Healthcare Systems Leadership for Advanced Roles (Anderson): Library Homework Assignments

Library Homework Assignments

1. "Module 1 Overview & Resources" to view the (Panapto video) BNURS 525: Leadership and Education Library Databases Searching Video (16:51 mins, from 2019). (In Canvas)

  • Watch before class on Fri. Oct. 13.
  • Powerpoint shown in Panopto video in pdf and pptx formats
  • To access the database links discussed in the video, go to the Finding Articles page.
  • The Panapto video was filmed in Sept. 2019 and shows the previous version of the Bothell Campus Library web site. The directions are still accurate. 

2. "Module 1 Assignment 3: Interlibrary Loan Account Setup" assignment. (In Canvas)

  • Due on Sat. Oct. 7.
  • Use the step-by-step instructions to setup your UW Libraries Interlibrary loan account. You will use this free service to request articles that are not immediately available online. It is a great service!

3. "Module 1 Assignment 4: Searching in CINAHL" graded survey/quiz. (In Canvas)

4. "Module 1 Assignment 5: Searching in PubMed (MedLine) for Research Articles" graded survey/quiz. (In Canvas)