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Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice Initiatives: Assessment Materials

A record of the initiatives and work done by the former Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice Team

Example: Basic Assessment Form

Sample Assessment Form Image

Assessment Strategies & Forms

Recognizing the importance of assessing the impact of our work and understanding that staff may prefer to provide feedback in varied ways, we offer a number of ways for participants to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the work that we do.  We allot time during each internal and external training or presentation for an open-ended questionnaire that participants can immediately fill out or take with them to complete at their convenience.  We also conduct follow-up conversational assessment sessions in departmental meetings several months after a training to gauge the lasting impact of the tools or information presented.  We also welcome participants to share additional information with any team member, in whatever way they would like.

This assessment data is kept together in spreadsheets along with feedback received informally through continued conversations with colleagues.  This process, and our ability to quickly refer back to the feedback we have received, allows us to incorporate identified needs and outcomes into our programming.  Including our staff’s and broader library community’s feedback into our planning helps keep our work relevant and meaningful.