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I am a research and instruction librarian at the Campus Library for University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College. At UWB I liaise with the School of Business, the STEM division of Computing & Software Systems, and the Science, Technology, & Society major within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. At Cascadia College I liaise with the business and computer science disciplines. I am the librarian coordinator for COLL 101: College Strategies, a first-year experience course at Cascadia. 

How I can help you:

For students, I can:

  • Respond to your questions via e-mail or Zoom (e-mail me for a Zoom appointment)
  • Consult with you and your teammates to plan research strategies and goals
  • Help you locate and evaluate data, articles, and information relevant to your class assignments and research needs 
  • Assist with citations and citation management software

For more help and information, check out the Campus Library's Student Guide

For faculty, I can:

  • Respond to your questions via e-mail or Zoom (e-mail me for a Zoom appointment)
  • Talk with you about library materials and resources for your courses such as: open educational resources, textbooks, e-books and e-journals  
  • Collaborate on assignment design to enhance critical thinking and research skills
  • Introduce your students to research tools, strategies, and resources via a class workshop, a library course guide, or in Canvas
  • Meet with your students individually or in teams

For more information, check out the Campus Library's Teaching & Learning Guide and the Library Instruction Consulting and Teaching Services page. 

Research and Instruction Librarian

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Myra Waddell