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Chemistry-Chemical Information: SciFinder

These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for most chemical subjects including Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Sciences in the collections of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus.)

About SciFinder and SciFinder-n

SciFinder is an intelligent interface which helps users to easily search the extensive Chemical Abstracts Databases. Searches can be done by subject phrases, author names and chemical identification such as structure/substructure, reactions, molecular formulae and more. Additional content notes are available at the CAS site.

SciFinder-n is the new platform containing the same information as the classic version of SciFinder. It has some special tools and works differently. Test out both versions to see which is most useful for you.


UW-only Access is restricted to current UW students, faculty and staff. Some exceptions can be made for non-UW users. Ask at the reference desk or check with the Chemistry Librarian for details. New users see guidelines and tips below.


SciFinder  and SciFinder-n are available through the web from most web browsers and supports an alert feature that will notify you when new articles in your subject are published.

  • Register
    First time users must register to use SciFinder.
    Please note: you must use a valid UW email address. CAS will send an email reply which you must answer within 48 hours.


If you have problems connecting, contact the Chemistry Librarian.

Updates and Notifications

SFS is primarily available for current UW students, faculty, and staff . Further, it is only available for  educational and UW research needs. Do not lend your account to anyone else. Researchers who consult with companies may not use SFS for the company's research. There are obviously many gray areas so please feel free to consult Susanne. Non-UW users may request access at a reference desk for non-commercial use only.



CAS provides short tutorials on structure searching, reaction searching, and help to improve your subject searching