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Research Guides

Japan Studies: Language & Linguistics

A research guide detailing Japan studies resources in English and Japanese.

Language Dictionaries / 国語辞典

The East Asia Library has a strong collection of Japanese dictionaries. If you are seeking a specialized dictionary, i.e., a dictonary of business terms in Japanese, Arabic-Japanese, etc., please check with the Japan Studies librarian.

Kanji Dictionaries / 漢和辞典

Learning Japanese

The East Asia Library has a strong collection of textbooks for learning the Japanese language. These are just a few examples. Additional resources for learning Japanese including online audio resources linked to the Genki and Nakama texts are available at the Language Learning Center in Denny Hall.

Researching the Language

This page provides some starting points for researching topics related to Japanese language and linguistics as well as dictionaries and other material related to learning the language. To find articles on topics related to language and linguistics use the following databases.

How to Type Japanese

The following sites provide information on installing and using Japanese characters on your computer via IME (Input Method Editor). Please check with the Japan Studies Librarian if you need further information.

On the Web