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Research Guides

Japan Studies: Law, Politics & Government

A research guide detailing Japan studies resources in English and Japanese.

Japan: Overviews & Background Sources

The following sources provide overviews of Japan in English. In some of the sources choose Japan from the list of countries.

Law Compilations & Diet Records

These sites provide compilations of laws and the proceedings of the Japanese National Assembly (Diet). For more in-depth law information see the Japanese Legal Research Guide

Foreign Relations

For additional sources dealing with historic diplomatic relations between Japan and the United States and Great Britain see the guides for US History and British History. For current relations see: Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  US Department of State and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Researching Law, Politics & Government

This page provides some starting points for researching Japanese law, politics & government plus provides links to sites and organizations providing more in-depth data and analysis. To find articles and reports on these topics use the following databases. For more in-depth law information see the Japanese Legal Research Guide.

Government & Political Sites

For a more complete listing of governmental and political websites see JGuide's Government & Politics section.