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Research Guides

Japan Studies: Writing Centers

A research guide detailing Japan studies resources in English and Japanese.

Writing Courses

  • English Composition Courses

    Students in all UW schools and colleges must complete one 5-credit composition course.
  • International and Engliash Language Programs

    13th Floor of 
    the UW Tower (on NE 45th Avenue at Brooklyn). 206.543.6242
    Students in our programs study with highly-trained English language professionals on the beautiful UW campus and in downtown Seattle.

  • Interdisciplinary Writing Program
    "A winner of the Brotman award for instructional excellence, the UW Interdisciplinary Writing Program offers expository writing courses linked with lecture courses in various disciplines. These writing courses are designed to help students improve their writing skills while further exploring ideas and materials assigned in lecture courses."

  • Technical Communication
    College of Engineering

Multilingual (ESL) Writing Studios

Are you a non-native speaker of English who is looking for additional support in your writing course? If so, these new studio courses offered by the Academic English Program and the Expository Writing Program might be just what you are looking for!

If you will be taking a writing course (like English 111, 121, 131, or 197/8) and would like additional ESL support, please consider signing up for General Studies 391G or 391H, 2-credit (C/NC) studio courses that meet two days a week for 50 minutes. These studio coursers are designed to support English language learners who are concurrently enrolled in a writing course and want to continue developing their ability to understand and produce academic writing. In the studios you will build advanced vocabulary skills, focus on reading skills to help you comprehend and analyze complex texts (specifically those from your writing class), and review and analyze grammar structures, focusing on how they apply to organization and produce different effects in academic writing.

There will be two sections of GEN ST 391 offered this Spring: 391G from 10:30-11:20 TTH and 391H  from 12:30-1:20 TTH.  For general course information, please contact Peter Gruen at or Ethan Anderson at

You can enroll in GEN ST 391 G or H directly; there are no add codes required; enrollment capped at 10 students per section.

General Writing & Research Help

Discipline-based and Specialized Writing Centers

Other resources

Please note that many of the UW writing centers listed above have web sites that link to excellent handouts addressing specific elements of college writing, such as making claims, developing arguments, using sources effectively, and reading critically.