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Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Books & Theses

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Theses from Mexico (UNAM)

Browsing the stacks for books

It can be tricky to browse the stacks for books.  The recommended strategy is to do some keyword searching within UW Libraries Search, jot down a few call numbers on topics of interest, and then go to the stacks to browse. 

Library of Congress classification (LC):

  • Major subject areas fall within:
    • BL2540-2592 Religion in Latin America
    • BR600 Christianity in Latin America
    • E65 History: Latin America (Pre-Columbian America)
    • F1201-3799 History: Latin America and the Caribbean
    • GN Anthropology
    • HD - Industries. Land Use. Labor
    • HN - Social history and conditions. Social problems.
    • HQ - The family. Marriage. Women.
    • HV640s - Refugee Relief
    • JC599 Human Rights - Latin America
    • JL599-3899 Political Science. Political institutions and public administration. Latin America & The Caribbean
    • M - Music
    • N - Fine Arts
    • PC - Romance Language Linguistics
    • PN1990-1999 Broadcasting, Motion Pictures
    • PN4930-5106 - Journalism in Latin America
    • PQ - Romance Language Literatures

For more granular call number ranges, see: Library of Congress Classification Outline


Latin American Women Writers

Claudia Lars portrait

A e-book collection of prose, poetry, and drama composed by women writing in Mexico, Central America, and South America.