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Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Films

Starting point for research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Films from Latin America and the Caribbean

Searching UW Libraries for films by country

In an Advanced Search, type keywords (such as a director, title, actor, theme, etc.) and select Audio & Video from the "Material Type" list. 

Click Search. Then you can refine your results by your preferred format and language (DVD, eVideo, etc.).


To browse collections, you can search by subject using the following subject headings:

  • feature films (followed by country)
  • feature films mexico
  • feature films brazil
  • feature films peru
  • foreign films (followed by country)

  • foreign films haiti
  • foreign films guatemala
  • foreign films chile

Then you can refine your results further to your preferences.

Media Resources

Latin American & Spanish Videos Freely Available on the Internet

Film Reviews & Criticism