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Psychology: General Database Search Tips

UW Libraries resources for research in and study of psychology.

Search Tips for All Literature Databases

AND Retrieves items that contain both terms. Good for combining topics to narrow a search. memory AND trauma
OR Retrieves items that contain at least one of the terms. Use for similar terms. memory OR remember
* Retrieves word variants, such as trauma, traumas, traumatic trauma*
" " Retrieves the exact phrase contained by the quotation marks. "intrusive thoughts"
(   ) Tells search system how to combine terms and in which order.
Article needs to mention trauma and EITHER memory or intrusive thoughts.
trauma* AND (memory OR "intrusive thoughts")

Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

Database filters help you narrow your search.

Databases might let you filter by:

  • publication date/range of years
  • language of the publication
  • publication type: review article, meeting abstract, book chapter, dissertation
  • age group of the people discussed in an article

Filter options are typically on the left side of the search results screen.