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Community Reads: Collaborate with Community Reads!

A guide to the Community Reads program at UWB/CC Campus Library

We Want to Work With You

Community Reads is always looking for ways to collaborate with faculty, student groups, and staff. There is no "Community" without you! 

We're particularly interested in working with faculty whose classes are closely aligned already with themes of the selected work(s) (even better if it's one of your required or suggested texts). If students are already engaged with the work or themes related to it in class, they're more likely to have an enriching experience at Community Reads.

If you would like to work with Community Reads, please contact one of us via email: Alyssa Berger, Carina Bixby, Hannah Mendro, Joanne Chern, Kat Wyly, or Laura Dimmit Smyth.

Ways to Collaborate

Here are just a few ways to get your students engaged with Community Reads:

  • Extra credit for attendance (we are happy to manage an attendance sheet for you)
  • Have students generate questions to ask related to the selected work
  • Offer credit for facilitating a discussion at the event or online discussion space

We are always open to suggestions!