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Community Reads: Testimonials

A guide to the Community Reads program at UWB/CC Campus Library




What Participants are Saying About Us

“The Community Reads Program, and in particular, the online art exhibition enabled my class to explore course content in a public sphere increasing professional practice learning and providing students a public exhibition space for their work which we are lacking at UW Bothell.  In freshman courses, this experience was particularly powerful in how they developed and resolved their work, and it was an incredible confidence-building experience for the students–many of whom were relatively new to the arts.  In conjunction with the reading, the prompts for art contributions broadened the approaches my students were exploring and inspired a much deeper level of engagement with the content; it became a project with real-world implications rather than simply another assignment they needed to complete.  This was an incredible addition to the learning experience.”

– gary carpenter, artist/lecturer, UW Bothell

“When I think about my wellbeing in connection with community wellbeing, I act and am better with myself and all those around me—human and non-human alike. The occasional prompts I get from the Community Reads program are helping me make the connection between myself and my community (and I’m broadening the definition of ‘community’, too). I feel lucky that I got a physical copy of Undrowned, as I revisit it often and know that I’ll need to in the future!” 

Je Salvador, library staff

Thank You

We thank everyone for contributing a testimonial and more importantly joining us in participation and conversation around important issues that affect us all through our library program.

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