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Prospective Graduate Student Resources: Scholarships & Funding

Resources for prospective graduate students at the University of Washington Bothell

Available from the Library

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Use UW Libraries Search to find related books both online and in the Campus Library. Try search terms such as:

  • pay* AND grad* school
  • grad* school AND (fund* OR scholarship)

Online Resources

These online sources provide information about scholarships and funding available for graduate students at a general level. Many graduate programs offer their own funding sources for potential or admitted students. Ask a program advisor or explore the program's website to find out more. 

Graduate Funding Information Service at UW

Already admitted to a graduate school program at the UW? On the Seattle campus, you can take advantage of the Graduate Funding Information Service. This service, housed in the Research Commons at Allen Library, provides graduate students with personalized information regarding potential funding sources for graduate school expenses. 

Financial Aid Information