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Prospective Graduate Student Resources: Is graduate school for me?

Resources for prospective graduate students at the University of Washington Bothell

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"Should I go to graduate school?"

This is a question that many undergraduate students and bachelor's degree holders have asked themselves over the years. The answer may be simple for some and more complex for others. Certain careers require education beyond an undergraduate level - being a doctor, dentist, or librarian for example. These degrees are earned at professional schools. Other careers do not require an advanced degree but can be enhanced with one. Answering this question for yourself will involve self-reflection as well as discussions with faculty members (both for your undergraduate classes and in a potential graduate program), advisors, mentors, and students in your program(s) of interest. Many considerations need to be taken but the resources on this page will point you to some information that can help inform your choice. 

These links from the University of Washington provide broad information about graduate school and the application process:


Web Sources

These links are just a handful of the information sources available on the internet regarding the decision to go to graduate school. 

Library Resources Online

Using these library-provided resources while you are still a student can help you decide if your desired career path would benefit from a graduate school program. 

Graduate Schools in the News

Searching library databases for news articles can provide you recent and context-specific information about a variety of graduate school topics. Create your search by using the phrases grad school OR graduate school along with a more specific topic such as admissions, loans, paying foracceptance, job prospects, or the specific field that you're interested in.