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Examples of Omeka Projects

Faculty, students, and community groups have used Omeka in many different ways. Exploring examples can help you better understand how Omeka works and can give you ideas for your own project.

Examples of Omeka projects at the University of Washington Bothell:

  • Feminist Archive Exhibits (created by UW Bothell Professor Julie Shayne, UW Bothell Head of Digital Scholarship Denise Hattwig, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Jesse Blaire, Research & Instruction Librarian Penelope Wood, and UW Bothell undergraduate student researchers)
  • UW Bothell GeoHub (created by UW Bothell Associate Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Santiago Lopez, undergraduate student Noah Bomar, and undergraduate student Sadie Cimino)

Examples of Omeka projects at the University of Washington:

Examples of Omeka projects at other institutions:

The creators of Omeka also maintain a list of Omeka projects on their website.