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Teaching and Learning at the Campus Library: Library Instruction Consulting and Teaching Services

Consulting and Teaching Services for Faculty

Librarians are available to consult with UW Bothell and Cascadia faculty members to create or revise effective research assignments and online or classroom activities that foster critical thinking, evaluation skills, and promote lifelong learning.

Librarians can help you:
Support for your hybrid or online courses:
  • Invite us into your Canvas course! Your librarian can post online tutorials or other instructional resources, provide learning activities, and offer guidance to students as they navigate the research process. With advance notice, your librarian can work with you to create customized materials.
  • Your librarian can work with you to create a customized online research guide with library resources relevant to their research. Advance notice may be necessary.
  • Guidance for selecting online course materials, including open educational resources or open textbooks.
  • We can work with you to develop student-centered digital scholarship projects with tools such as Pressbooks, Omeka, and Wordpress. See our Digital Scholarship Guide for more information.

How to Maximize Library Instruction for your Class

Library instruction and assignments are most meaningful if students are engaged in an authentic task or assignment in your course.

  • Consult with your librarian as soon as possible. We need adequate notice to prepare instruction tailored to your course and assignments.
  • Librarians can typically teach 2-3 learning goals or library resources per library instruction session or assignment. Keep in mind that students are continually developing their understanding of research processes and tools.
  • Schedule the library instruction to coincide with the research process and assignment so it is relevant to the students and to enhance their engagement and retention.
  • Prepare your class in order to maximize their time with the librarian. In advance, discuss the assignment with your class and ensure they understand it, form any research project groups, and have students do some brainstorming or writing about their topics.
  • Participate! Librarians and students appreciate your perspective and ability to tie the library instruction to the context of the course and the assignments. Your engagement communicates to your students that this instruction is relevant and important to their success.

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How Do I Request a Workshop for my Class?