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Teaching and Learning at the Campus Library: Faculty and Student Experiences Working with Librarians

The Student Experience

Students studying“Our librarian worked with us in class several times until we understood how to create a research question, narrow it down and slice it up until it was a GOOD one.  I will never be afraid of research again...”  - UW Bothell BIS 300 student after a series of course-integrated library workshops

“Doing the library activities and researching our subjects in class after we had just learned to research something was great and put a visible meaning to what I was mentally learning.  It was very helpful to have what I was learning be contributed to the paper we were working toward.”  - Cascadia ENGL 102 student after a series of course-integrated library workshops

"I wouldn't have survived my time at UWB without the class room sessions teaching us about the resources, enhancing our research skills, and answering questions. This is so critical to success as a student..."  - UW Bothell senior in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

"I took a course during my first quarter at UWB which included a workshop at the library. The librarians pointed out all of the resources and services that the library provided us, and it has been extremely helpful since then. I continue to use the resources I learned about (especially online access) and it has saved me more than once." - UW Bothell first year student, undeclared

Image: Brian Dal Balcon, 2012.

The Faculty Experience

Professor teaching class "I cannot overstate how crucial the librarians have been not only for my students’ success, but for mine, as well.  I long ago have learned to ask for their assistance in developing my syllabi.  Simply put, collaborating with my librarian deftly helps me achieve my pedagogical goals.”  - David Goldstein, Senior Lecturer in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at UW Bothell

"The Libraries staff at UWB has consistently been of tremendous help. The have worked very well with my classes and they have been super responsive to my own research questions and issues. They are pedagogically sound in terms of how their workshops/classes are organized, and they are engaging and connect well with students." - UW Bothell faculty member

"I have taught at other schools, but was completely unprepared for the vigor and energy with which UWB/CC librarians pursue their collaboration with classroom instructors.  [A librarian] worked with me on several English 102 and literature classes, and each time she brought not only her expertise and thorough preparation of materials and resources, but a vitality and dynamism in the classroom that increased student engagement and, I am sure, achievement.  My research classes tend to center on social and pop culture themes, and no matter what the obscure topic of inquiry a student (or I) came up with, [the librarian] was always able to track with the research intent, connect to the subject, and develop fruitful avenues of investigation and excellent sources [for my students]."  - Walter Hudsick, former Tenured English Faculty at Cascadia.

Images: Brian Dal Balcon, 2012.