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BISGWS 302: Histories And Movements Of Gender And Sexuality (Shayne W 2023): Building a Feminist Archive Assignment

Researching in Archives

Adapted from Dr. Shayne's assignment, Building a Feminist Archive Exhibit:

For the Research part of the assignment, you will comb through existing feminist archives.

Dr. Shayne has compiled the following list of existing archives from which you can choose, but if you have other archives you would like to suggest, including those not in English, feel free to propose those to Dr. Shayne to be added to this list. 

While many of the archives in this list may not have "feminist" in their title or even be obviously feminist in content, Dr. Shayne is calling them feminist in that the archives center and elevate marginalized and minoritized histories. These archives emphasize many types of unique materials such as photographs, interviews, newspaper articles, posters, reports, and other media. 

In the research section of your assignment, you will browse these archives and get a general sense of the content and purpose for the archives. Later, you will move forward focusing on a specific topic in order to create and curate your own exhibit. 

Prompts for directed browsing are in the PDF below and in Canvas. 

Archive Links

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