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K-Manhwa: Graphic Narratives From Paper To Screen

The events engaging with K-Manhwa will take place over four days: two talks by Yoon Tae Ho
(a renowned author of the Korean graphic novel Misaeng) followed by a reception, an autograph event at the K-Manhwa exhibition site, and a faculty workshop discussing the graphic text and medium in Korea. 
Come join us to discover and experience the culture of K-Manhwa.
                                                                                                                                                                Click the image to view full size.
K-Manhwa (Korean graphic novels) have been part of Korean popular culture since the early twentieth century. Today, with growth of the internet, the online publication of graphic novels has become a major phenomenon in Korea. K-Manhwa are often adapted into films and TV programs, and they have become an influential genre in the realm of contemporary Korean cultural production.

Korean Studies Librarian / Head, EAL Public Services

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Hyokyoung Yi
Tateuchi East Asia Library
Gowen 336
Box 353527
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3527

Korea Foundation Visiting Librarian

Visiting Librarian, Kyungsuk Yi from KF created the K-Manhwa guide under the guidance of Korean studies librarian Hyokyoung Yi