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What is Webnovel?

Web novel was called previously various words such as Internet novels and online novels. Since after Naver (a Korean portal site) launched 'Naver Web novel', the term 'Web novel' is used in both industrial and academic fields.  

Usually Web novel means the novel released on the web first, and has features of mediating with readers. Readers can comment below all posts and it allows the publishers confirm and reflect reader's response immediately. So the process of producing, distributing and consuming can take place simultaneously. It is published like e-books but also can use the way scrolling down screen via viewer application. Compared to traditional literature, Web novel also called 'Genre literature' because the novels are based strongly on genre.

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Main Platforms of Web novel    Novels are served only Korean Platforms

Most of web-based platforms usually serve both of Webtoon and Webnovel. Each platform has specialty in their genre selections.


      Naver Series              Kakao page                      Ridibooks                       Joara                       Munpia


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