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Teaching and Learning at the Campus Library: Teaching with Your Librarian

Learn more about how the Campus Library's Instruction Program and Librarians can enhance your students' learning!

Consulting and Classroom Services for Faculty

Librarians are available to consult with UW Bothell and Cascadia faculty members to create or revise effective research assignments and classroom or online activities that foster critical thinking, evaluation skills, and promote lifelong learning.  Learn what our students and faculty say about working with librarians in class!

Librarians can help you:Image of directional signs

  • Understand students' research capabilities.

  • Develop team taught classroom or online workshops.

  • Create, revise, or offer suggestions on your research-based assignments.

  • Discuss or design assessment activities or rubrics.

  • Identify and discuss library resources suitable for an online class research guide (examples: Cascadia, UW Bothell).

  • Get individualized training on library resources you or your students will be using.

Contact your subject librarian or Leslie Hurst, the Campus Library's Head of Teaching & Learning, to talk about these and any other questions you may have about the Library.

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Get the most out of Library Workshops!

Library assignments are more meaningful if students use the information they find for an authentic task related to the topics covered in the course.

  • Consult with your librarian as soon as possible! Please give us adequate notice to prepare for your class. A week or two is often sufficient, but the more time the better.

  • Librarians can cover no more than 2-3 learning outcomes or resources within one library research instruction session.

  • Schedule the workshop to coincide with the research project. They will be more engaged in the session and will retain more information.

  • Remember that the research process is changing constantly. It is often safe to assume many students have a limited understanding and experience of the process.

  • Prepare your class for the session to maximize instruction time. For example, do students have and understand the assignment? Are groups for group projects formed in advance? Have students thought or written about their topics beforehand?

  • Participate in the library workshop! Librarians and students appreciate your perspective and ability to tie the library instruction to the context of the course.

How Do I Request a Workshop for my Class?

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