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Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies: 1980's GWSS Faculty Journal Articles

Serves both the department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies and the Graduate Certificate in Sexuality & Queer Studies

Many of the article titles on this page are hyperlinked, mostly to their records in the UW Libraries catalog. Many (but not all) of those records include links to fully access these resources online. To do so, simply:

1. Click on a title that is hyperlinked to the UW Libraries catalog.

2. Once there, look for the blue links in the View It section.

Clicking on one of those links should take you to a page where you can browse and read the resource.


More information on articles here, including on how to access physical copies:

Brown, Judith K., Jeanine Anderson, Dorothy Ayers Counts, Nancy Datan, Molly C. Dougherty, Valerie Fennell, Ruth S. Freed, et al. 1982. “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Middle-Aged Women [and Comments and Replies].” Current Anthropology 23 (2): 143–56.
Jacobs, Sue-Ellen. 1980. “Where Have We Come?” Social Problems 27 (3): 371–78.
———. 1982. “Women in Development.” American Anthropologist 84 (2): 366–71.