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Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies: 2010's GWSS Faculty Journal Articles

Serves both the department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies and the Graduate Certificate in Sexuality & Queer Studies

Many of the article titles on this page are hyperlinked, mostly to their records in the UW Libraries catalog. Many (but not all) of those records include links to fully access these resources online. To do so, simply:

1. Click on a title that is hyperlinked to the UW Libraries catalog.

2. Once there, look for the blue links in the View It section.

Clicking on one of those links should take you to a page where you can browse and read the resource.


More information on articles here, including on how to access physical copies:

Adeyemi, Kemi. 2019a. “Beyond 90°: The Angularities of Black/Queer/Women/Lean.” Women & Performance 29 (1): 9–24.

———. 2019b. “The Practice of Slowness: Black Queer Women and the Right to the City.” GLQ 25 (4): 545–67.

Alam, Farhana, and Saad Khan. 2019. “Exploring Disability Across Intersections of Gender and Sexuality in Bangladesh Author Profile Exploring Disability Across Intersections of Gender and Sexuality in Bangladesh.”

Bhatt, Amy, Madhavi Murty, and Priti Ramamurthy. 2010. “Hegemonic Developments: The New Indian Middle Class, Gendered Subalterns, and Diasporic Returnees in the Event of Neoliberalism.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 36 (1): 127–52.

Chang, Shiow-Ru, Nancy J. Kenney, and Yu-Mei Y. Chao. 2010. “Transformation in Self-Identity amongst Taiwanese Women in Late Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study.” International Journal of Nursing Studies 47 (1): 60–66.

Dworkin, Shari L, Amanda Lock Swarr, and Cheryl Cooky. 2013. “(In) Justice in Sport: The Treatment of South African Track Star Caster Semenya.” Feminist Studies 39 (1): 40–69.

Gidwani, Vinay, and Priti Ramamurthy. 2018. “Agrarian Questions of Labor in Urban India: Middle Migrants, Translocal Householding and the Intersectional Politics of Social Reproduction.” The Journal of Peasant Studies 45 (5–6): 994–1017.

Judd, Bettina. 2019. “Sapphire as Praxis: Toward a Methodology of Anger.” Feminist Studies 45 (1): 178–208.

Kenney, Nancy J., and Michelle L. McGowan. 2010. “Looking Back: Egg Donors’ Retrospective Evaluations of Their Motivations, Expectations, and Experiences during Their First Donation Cycle.” Fertility and Sterility 93 (2): 455–66.

———. 2014. “Egg Donation Compensation: Ethical and Legal Challenges.” Medicolegal and Bioethics, September, 15.

Ramamurthy, Priti. 2010. “Why Are Men Doing Floral Sex Work? Gender, Cultural Reproduction, and the Feminization of Agriculture.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 35 (2): 397–424.

———. 2011. “Rearticulating Caste: The Global Cottonseed Commodity Chain and the Paradox of Smallholder Capitalism in South India.” Environment and Planning. A, Environment and Planning A, 43 (5): 1035–56.

———. 2018. “AlterNotes on the Politics of Women’s Studies Graduate Certificates.” Feminist Studies 44 (2): 298–302.

Swarr, Amanda Lock. 2012. “Paradoxes of Butchness: Lesbian Masculinities and Sexual Violence in Contemporary South Africa.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 37 (4): 961–86.

Wang, Stephanie Yingyi. 2019. “When Tongzhi Marry: Experiments of Cooperative Marriage between Lalas and Gay Men in Urban China.” Feminist Studies 45 (1): 13–35.