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Health Studies: Library Workshop

Library Assignments and Workshop, on Oct. 18, 2021

The web resources to be used for your Literature Matrix, Research Question, and Research Proposal assignments are linked below.

1. Advice for Autumn Quarter 2021:

  • Use our 24/7 chat service for questions. Types of questions could include how to get to the full text of articles, cite in APA format, etc.
  • UWB IT - Laptop and WiFi Hotspot Lending Program
  • You have access to a plethora of immediately available online resources including articles, public web sources, databases, e-videos, e-journals, and e-books.
  • Online Learning Support -- How to Access Library Resources

2. The Health Studies Orientation Guide in pdf and docx formats.

  • Pages 1 through 4 are web addresses and screenshots of the following pages: Campus Library Homepage, Ask a Question, Campus Library Orientation for Health Studies Students, and the UWB Student Guide.
  • Pages 5 & 6 is the “UWB Usernames and Passwords List” that includes many services available with your UW NetID & Password, that your Husky Card is your library card, Canvas information, and more.

3.  Review Assignments: 

  • "Literature Matrix and Draft Research Question" - due on Wed. Oct. 20, (Linked in week 4 in Canvas). 10 points.
    • Excerpt from the assignment linked above:
    •  There are two parts to this assignment: 

      • In one page, a) write your draft research question, and then 2) explain each part of the acronym – P, I, C, O or P, I, C, o. Be clear here and refer to class  notes and discussions.  The more focused your question is, the easier the review of literature will be.  You instructor will be looking at your draft question closely to assess if you are apply the research/literature to the research question. (2 points)
      • Refer to this Literature Matrix to guide you.  You instructor will be looking for the following: a) your draft research question should be reflected in the literature you have found; b) four sources: at least three peer-reviewed academic articles and primary sources, and one can be a literature review of the articles; and c) use of in-text citations and page numbers where applicable. Be sure to include enough information and complete each column about each study so the instructor can evaluate for credibility, usefulness, and quality.   There should also be a fluidity and connection of content from one column to another. (6 points)
      • The completed product can be 10 point to fit within the matrix. Single spacing is okay for the matrix.   Include a well-structured Reference page in APA 7th ed. format. (2 points)         

  • "Draft Literature Review and Research Question" - due on Wed. Nov. 3, (Linked in week 6 in Canvas). 10 points.
  • "Draft introduction, Research Question, and Purpose Statement" - due on Wed. Nov. 10, (Linked in week 7 in Canvas). 10 points.
  • "Final Paper: Research Proposal" - due on Mon. Dec. 6, (Linked in week 11 in Canvas). 30 points.

4. Review of the "Library Activity 1: Interlibrary Loan Account Setup" homework assignment in Canvas (Located in Canvas) See the UW Libraries: Interlibrary Loan & Scanning Services guide for current updates on services (help guide).

5. Review of "Library Activity 2 - Background Research Learning Activity" in Canvas. How did this go? See the Books & Encyclopedias page in this guide for a link to the Gale Ebooks resource. (Tutorial: How Do I Search In Gale eBooks?)

  • As you get started with choosing your research topic, it is helpful to do some background research to familiarize yourself to "the lay of the land."
  • Making sense of the scholarly conversation requires some guidance, and scholars have been studying topics for decades.
  • This can activity can help you discover search words you can use in PubMed.

6. Review the "Library Activity 3-PubMed Searching Learning Activity" quiz in Canvas. How did this go?

What questions do you have about PubMed?

Optional Resource Links:

Optional Tutorials: