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Architecture: Collection Guidelines: Architecture: Departmental Focus

Subject Guide for Architecture and Architectural History Students.

Programs and Degrees

According to the University of Washington, Department of Architecture, in the Fall of 2018: "The department offers the following degree programs: a B.A. in Architecture; a B.A. in Architectural Design; an accredited M.Arch for 2+ and 3+ year students; an M.S. in Architecture with research streams in Design Computing as well as History and Theory; an undergraduate dual degree program with Construction Management; and a graduate concurrent degree program with Landscape Architecture. In addition, certificates in Design Computing and Lighting Design are available to students in the accredited M.Arch program. The department also contributes to interdisciplinary certificate programs in Historic Preservation and Urban Design as well as a college-wide Ph.D in the Built Environment." (See University of Washington, Department of Architecture, "About," accessed 09/25/2018.)