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BIS 490: Asian American Media in the Pacific Northwest (Gustafson): Secondary Sources (Scholarly Literature)

Database searching tips

Use databases to find citations (and sometimes full text) to articles and other materials. There are specialized databases for various subjects.

  • AND returns results containing all terms:  Asian Americans AND education
  • OR returns results with either term:  Mexican Americans OR Latinos OR Chicanos
    Good for use with related terms or synonyms
  • Placing terms in parentheses ( ) indicates separate concepts, like an equation, (A or B) and C:
    AND (Mexican Americans OR Latinos OR Chicanos)
  • Placing two or more words in quotation marks " " returns results using that specific phrase:
    "African Americans"
  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending: rac* [finds race, races, racial, racism ...]

Note:  some databases use different truncation symbols (* is most common; others include !, $, #). Check the online help if the asterisk doesn’t work.

Subject-specific Databases

General, Multi-disciplinary Databases

Selected Books

Search tips for UW Libraries Search

Books are an especially important format for scholarship in the discipline of history, which distinguishes it from many other disciplines, where scholarly articles are the most important publishing format. In searching for context on your audience, books can provide some of your most important information.

In UW Libraries Search, start your search with a few keywords in the main search box. UW Libraries Search doesn't require the use of Boolean terms like AND, OR or NOT. It automatically inserts an AND between your terms from behind the scenes, so the more keywords you add, the fewer results you will get.

UW Libraries Search

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