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*Cite and Analyze Business Information: Sources within a Source & SimplyMap

Citing and Analyzing Information tools for business students.

Sources within a Source

Sometimes a source refers to information from another source. You must cite both sources.  Also:

  • If the information retrieved will not change, a retreival date is not necessary.
  • If a citation is given to you, make sure it complies with APA format.

Basic Citation Format:

Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. (Date). Article title. Periodical Title, volume(issue), pages. Retrieved from db-name database.

Citation Example of an article within a company profile database:  

Epperson, L. (2010). Apple Incorporated: Products and Operations. Retrieved April 14, 2011 from Hoover's database.

Intext citation:  (Epperson, 2010)

Citation Example of an analyst report retrieved from a database:  

Norris, M., Pawlowski, W. (2010, July 1). Business of consumer book publishing, 62-63. Simba Information. Retrieved from MarketResearch database.

Intext citation:  (Norris & Pawlowski, 2010)

Euromonitor International. (2014, March 25). Packaged Food in Singapore. Retrieved from Euromonitor Passport GMID database.

Intext citation:  (Euromonitor International, 2014)

Citation Example of a retrieved item with multiple information sources listed:

 SPINScan. (2010, April). Organic food market, 2009. Grocery Headquarters, 147. Retrieved from Market Share Reporter database.

Intext citation: (SPINSscan, 2010)

Kennedy, A. (2011). A near-purr-fect PL market. Private Label Buyer, 25(9), 36-37. Retrieved February 2, 2013, from RDS TableBase database.

Intext citation:  (Kennedy, 2011)

NOTE:  In this case, SPINSscan is the author, Grocery Headquarters is the periodical. You do not need to cite Gale, Cengage Learning because it is an intermediary.  No retrieval date is needed because it is a published article that can't be modified.


Citation Example with 1 variable:

Head of household income in Seattle. Census 2009 Estimate. Retrieved from SimplyMap database (map).

 Intext citation: (Head of household income in Seattle, 2009)


Citation Example with 2 variables:

Head of household income and bacon consumption in Seattle. Census 2009 Estimate and Simmons Data 2009. Retrieved from SimplyMap database (report).

Intext citation:  (Head of household income and bacon, 2009) 


List all major variables used (i.e. income, automotive sales, etc). Identify the map or report used or referenced in the project.

Since there are two references with similar titles (Head of household...), use a longer title for the Intext Citation. The entire title is not necessary, but just enough for the reader to identify the report in the reference list.