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*Cite and Analyze Business Information: SimplyAnalytics Data

SimplyAnalytics Data

For more in-depth details about citing SimplyAnalytics, including screenshots showing how to retrieve citation data, see the SimplyAnalytics user guide.

Basic format:
Variable One With Year, Variable Two With Year, and Variable Three With Year. Data Source. SimplyAnalytics.

Citation example with one variable:
Median Household Income 2020. US Census Bureau American Community Survey. Census 2009 Estimate. SimplyAnalytics.
Intext citation: (Median Household Income, 2020)

Citation example with two variables:
Make of Vehicle- Most Recently Acquired- Toyota 2019 and Gasoline Household Average 2020. SimmonsLOCAL and SimplyAnalytics Consumer Expenditure Estimates. SimplyAnalytics.
Intext citation: (Make of Vehicle-Toyota 2019 and Gasoline Household Average 2020)

NOTE: List all major variables used (i.e. income, automotive sales, etc). 

Sources within a Source

Sometimes a source refers to information from another source. You must cite both sources. Also:

  • If the information retrieved will not change, a retrieval date is not necessary.
  • If a citation is given to you, make sure it complies with APA format.

Basic Citation Format:
Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. (Year). Article title. Periodical Title, volume(issue), pages. Database name.

Citation example of an article within a company profile database:
Epperson, L. (2010). Apple Incorporated: Products and Operations. Retrieved April 14, 2011 D&B Hoover's database.
Intext citation: (Epperson, 2010)

Citation example of an item with multiple information sources listed:
SPINScan. (2010, April). Organic food market, 2009. Grocery Headquarters, 147. Market Share Reporter database.
Intext citation: (SPINSscan, 2010)

NOTE: In this case, SPINSscan is the author, Grocery Headquarters is the periodical. No retrieval date is needed because it is a published article that can't be modified.